Daria Bagina

Daria Bagina

My focus is to help teams and organizations to create better working environments. The kind of workplaces where self-organizing self-motivated teams build awesome products.

I have a wide-angle view on the common challenges thanks to my diverse experience. My journey led me from Russia to France and now to Canada. Along the way, I worked with organizations in a variety of industries such as fintech, network security, cloud engineering, video game production and more.

Not only that, but I also had a chance to work with top leaders in huge corporations with more than 60k employees, medium-sized companies of 500 employees as well as start-ups of 15 people.

One of my strengths is my creativity. Thanks to the creative approach teams I work with discover new ways to look at old problems and find new solutions. I adapt my teachings and practices to each situation I encounter to increase engagement and empower people to make decisions.

My passion lies in mentoring Scrum Masters by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. As a practicing Scrum Master myself, I know what the role entails on a daily basis. As a Professional Scrum Trainer I can help bridge the knowledge gap through high-quality Scrum training materials. But I don’t stop there.

To foster higher collaboration in the community, provide practical tools and inspire others I founded ScrumMastered. This is where I share even more knowledge and skills that can help Scrum Masters grow in their role the same as I did throughout the years.

Sessions by Daria

June 19, 2021
Train Talk: 07:15PM IST

Topic: PSM III & PST Journey Preparation