Chris Lukassen

Chris Lukassen

Award-winning product manager, seasoned martial arts practitioner, and author of the informative how-to-business book, The Product Samurai, Chris Lukassen is on a mission to radically change the way people create products.

Chris has coached hundreds of product managers, product owners, and C-level professionals to transform their companies into Scrum organizations. Drawing on his extensive experience with various startups and enterprises like Thales, Saab, TomTom, he bridges the technical world with the commercial world and has helped revolutionize the way products and services are innovated.

A regular blogger and contributor to Quora, Chris also speaks at Microsoft TechDays and other agile-focused conferences and user groups across the Netherlands, Eastern-Europe, and Asia.

As a passionate martial arts practitioner, he weaves the concepts of flow, balance, leverage, and courage into his product owner training and writing. He currently lives in Apeldoorn with his four children and loving wife, who coach him daily in the servant part of leadership.

Sessions by Chris

June 19, 2021
Track 1: 6:15 PM IST

Topic: A battle-plan for your first 30 days as a Product Owner.