Bharath Srinivasan

Bharath Srinivasan

Bharath, is a change agent with a passion for empowering teams to transform their behaviors towards an agile way of working. He facilitates teams to create valuable business outcomes by embracing principles of Empiricism, Self-Organization, Servant Leadership and Scrum Values. Having worked as a developer in Scrum teams, allowed Bharath to realize the true power of Scrum and it’s potential to expand self-organization.

Bharath’s strength is his ability to build trust with the teams and stakeholders across the business. He strives to create an environment in which the teams can unearth what works best for them through collaboration and experimentation. He has keen interest in applying visual information radiators to accelerate inspection and adaptation.

Bharath is an ardent long-distance endurance marathon runner who has applied the elements of Scrum and an agile mindset for his own personal transformation, that enabled him to re-emerge from an obese, weak individual to a strong, fit marathoner.

Sessions by Bharath

June 19, 2021
Train Talk: 07:15PM IST

Topic: PSM III & PST Journey Preparation